How To Create A Thoughtful Custom Engraved Headstone

5 April 2023
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Creating custom engraved headstones for a loved one can be an incredibly meaningful way to honor their life. As such, you need to take your time and think carefully about what you would like the headstone to say, as it will be a permanent memorial for your loved one.

Here are some thoughtful ideas for designing custom engraved headstones.

Include Personal Messages

One of the most meaningful ways to create a custom engraved headstone is by including personal messages that reflect the life of your loved one. Whether it's a favorite quote, an inside joke, or an inspirational phrase that encapsulates their spirit, adding these personal touches can make a headstone genuinely unique and special.

You can also include images on the headstone that represent the hobbies or interests of your loved one. Maybe they had a passion for the outdoors, loved animals, or adored cars. Any of these images can be added to provide an even more personal touch. This will help capture the essence of their personality and provide comfort and solace to those who visit.

Include Symbols and Icons

Another great way to create a meaningful custom engraved headstone is by including symbols or icons representing your loved one's legacy. For example, if they were religious, you could incorporate symbols associated with their faith into the design of the stone, such as crosses or stars of David.

If they had any special achievements, such as medals or awards that they were proud of, you could even engrave those onto the stone too. This is usually a great way to honor their life and the accomplishments they made while also providing a lasting symbol of their legacy.

Additionally, if they had any affiliations such as military service or alumni status from a university, those symbols can also be included in the design of the stone as well. The possibilities for custom engraving symbols and icons are virtually endless, so be creative and think about what would best represent your loved one's life.

Include Dates and Locations

You can also include dates and locations on custom-engraved headstones so visitors can easily identify which person's grave they are visiting. This includes their birth date and death date as well as birth location and death location so people know exactly who they are honoring when visiting the grave site.

It's also nice to add in any other personal information, such as hometowns, so visitors have more context regarding whose grave site they are visiting.

Creating a custom engraved headstone for a loved one can be an incredibly meaningful process that uniquely honors their life. While it may seem daunting at first, there are many thoughtful ideas out there for designing custom-engraved headstones that will provide comfort and solace for years. Talk to an engraving specialist for more tips and advice on how to create a meaningful memorial.

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