2 Things To Look For When Partnering With An Agency To Fill Your Company's Staffing Needs

19 January 2023
 Categories: Business, Blog

Whether your business has recently lost a few employees or is in the process of expanding its operations, you may have found yourself needing to fill several positions at once. Because you need help with the finding, interviewing, and hiring processes, you may be looking into partnering with an agency for assistance. 

However, as you look at several agencies, you may be having difficulty choosing one and are not sure where to begin. If so, start by looking for a couple of things before making a decision to partner with a particular agency to help fill your company's staffing needs.

1. Level of Engagement the Agency Has with You and Your Hiring Managers

One thing that you should look for when choosing a hiring agency to help with finding candidates to fill your company's positions is the level of engagement their agents have with you and your hiring managers. When you first speak with an agency, they should be in constant contact with your business and follow certain steps toward finding appropriate candidates.

During the initial stages, for example, they should visit your business onsite so that they can get an idea of the atmosphere as well as discuss your company's policies and vision. They should also speak with your business's hiring managers to find out exactly what you are looking for in an employee, which should include not only skillsets but also personality and work ethic, to assist them in vetting potential candidates.

2. Level of Satisfaction Former Job Candidates Have with the Agency's Hiring Process

Another thing you want in a staffing agency is an efficient, streamlined hiring process for both your business and the candidates. While you can get a sense of the process on your side, you should also research the level of satisfaction that former job candidates had with working with the agency.

When an agency has high levels of satisfaction from candidates, they are more likely to attract more and higher quality talent. This creates a pool of candidates that the agency can use to better fill your job openings with employees that fit your requirements.

When choosing an agency to help you fill your business's staffing needs, you want to select one that works closely with you and your hiring managers to ensure that they vet and select employee candidates that fit your requirements as well as the vision you have for your company. You may also want to research the views of former job candidates to see how satisfied they were with the agency to find out how streamlined and efficient their process is. Contact a hiring agency to speak with a representative for more information about what they have to offer as well as to discuss your company's staffing needs.