Working With A Temp Service To Find A Job In Your Preferred Industry

6 April 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

Job hunting can be a long process, and sometimes you need a job right away and are willing to start that job with a temporary job service to get your foot in the door. You can often work with a service that offers work in a specific industry you want to work in and then transition to a full-time role after a few months of service to the company.

Getting Started

If you are considering working with a temporary job service, you need to go and apply to the service directly before you can get any work through them. Often there is an interview process, and if you are looking for a specific kind of work like information technology, you may have to take some assessments, so the job service knows what you can handle in the field. 

Because the job agency will recommend and place you in a specific role, they must have a good handle on your skills and what environment will be best for you. If you are someone that works best alone, putting you into a team environment could present some problems, so the job service will want to determine all of these things first and then find you a job.

Day Work

If the temporary job service you are working with is placing people for daily work that changes all the time, they will still need some idea of the skills you can offer. In many cases, the work is more labor-intensive and may only last a day or two, but sending someone to move hundred-pound boxes that can only lift twenty pounds will not work. 

Likewise, if a company needs someone to do some transcription, the temporary job service will need someone that can type at an acceptable speed with a percentage of accuracy. If you have specific skills like typing or computer design, let the temp service know because they may be able to find you a wider variety of jobs that keep you busy each day.

Temp To Perm Programs

Many temporary job services offer potential employees work with a company or in an industry that they want to work in but have not been able to find a job in. The job service may have an agreement with the company that allows them to work with you for a few months to evaluate your work and see if you are a good fit before hiring you. 

The company can buy out your contract with the job service and offer you a full-time job when they are ready. While this is a lot like having an intern to evaluate for some companies, it allows you to make a living while proving yourself to the company and eventually getting a full-time role with them.