Recommendations For A Successful Household Pack-Up And Move

27 December 2021
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Buying a new home and starting a new job in another location are both exciting and stress-inducing situations that need to be adequately managed so you can get on with your life. Moving your entire household is not an easy feat. This is why you need the help of experienced moving professionals to reduce your workload and alleviate your stress through the process. Here are some recommendations to help you plan for your upcoming move by hiring the right moving professionals.

Evaluate Your Possessions

When you are planning a move and are going to hire a professional moving company, they will need to come to your home and assess your possessions and all the items that will need to be moved. This is important so you can get some comparison pricing by getting more than one moving cost quote. 

So that the company can give you a complete and correct quote for their work, be sure to show the moving professional everything that will need to be packed and moved. This will eliminate the chance that your move will cost you more if you, for example, forget to show them the backyard shed that is full of furniture or don't tell them about the offsite storage unit that you need to have moved as well. And if you have any secondary locations you need the mover to pack from, make sure they will be able to stop at more than one location and ask if there will be any additional fee for the extra stop.

Your professional moving company will need to know about any large and heavy items to give an accurate quote. For example, if you have a large gun safe or a piano, these items can require extra time, equipment, and movers to be safely and successfully moved to your new home, so be sure the movers know about them in their evaluation and quote.

Consider Packing Services

When you plan to move your household, it is necessary to pack up and protect your possessions during the move so items don't get broken and furniture does not get torn or scratched. But the work required for you to pack with boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and furniture blankets can take you extra time that you may not have days before your move. 

Start preparing early for your move by acquiring some boxes and packing paper so you can begin to wrap up possessions that you don't use on a daily basis. Working through your home in this manner up until moving day is a good way to pack your household up by yourself over a series of days. You can also arrange for your movers to pack up your possessions — either all of them or whatever you have not packed up beforehand.

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