3 Elements Of A Spiritual Autobiographical Fiction Novel

26 March 2021
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Reading about the experiences of others can be uplifting and insightful, even if the stories are fictional in nature. Many people find spiritual autobiographical fiction novels particularly inspiring in times of turmoil.

There are four key elements that define these types of novels.

Identifying these elements will allow you to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for spiritual autobiographical fiction writing in the future.

1. Sinful Youth

Most spiritual autobiographical fiction novels begin with the retelling of a sinful youth. An individual would stray from a prescribed spiritual path by making choices that society would consider sinful.

These sinful choices create a great deal of hardship and pain for the subject of the novel, eventually leading him or her to hit an extreme low point in life.

A sinful youth is an important element in a spiritual autobiography because it helps to lay the groundwork for the importance of the person's eventual spiritual awakening.

2. Spiritual Awakening

Once the subject of the novel reaches an all-time low, elements of spiritual awakening are introduced. It is this spiritual awakening that acts as a catalyst for change in the person's life.

Feelings of spirituality can come in many forms in a fictional novel. The subject of the book may be visited by a religious missionary. The subject may have a vision showing what his or her life would be like should changes not be made.

Regardless of the form in which a spiritual awakening occurs, it is an essential element in any spiritual autobiographical fiction novel.

3. Anxiety for the Soul

The spiritual awakening experienced by the main character in a spiritual autobiographical fiction novel is followed by a profound anxiety for the welfare of the person's soul. He or she begins to worry about the eternal implications of a sinful youth.

The desire to become a better person and to improve the world around them usually accompanies a main character's profound anxiety.

The actions of the main character start to become more selfless. His or her internal dialogue becomes more understanding and forgiving. Essentially, an anxiety for their soul motivates the main character to turn his or her life around.

Although the same elements can be found in most spiritual autobiographical fiction novels, the stories and circumstances found in each of these books is unique. Readers are drawn to these overarching elements because they are a fundamental part of the human experience.