4 Things To Look For In ECM Software When Web Publishing Is A Priority

22 January 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

If publishing content on the internet is one of your top business priorities, you will want to look for an enterprise content management (ECM) software system that is set-up to help you with web publishing.

Produce Content for Websites

First, you want software that is going to help you create content for your websites. You want software that will help you create content for both your customer and partner-facing websites. The right software will help you with the formatting necessary to easily get the content you are making up on the internet. It should take the formatting out of your hands.

Convert Files to Native Web-Based Formats

Second, you want an ECM software that has the capability to take files that are saved in a familiar format, such as a Word document or a PowerPoint file, and then convert the information in the file to a web-based format, such as HTML. Converting more familiar files into a web-based format seamlessly will make it easier for you to put information on your website. You will not have to hire a programmer to convert it for you; regular employees will quickly transform the information into a web-friendly format.

Ensure Full Fidelity

Third, you will want to make sure the ECM software will help ensure that all content will be displayed with full fidelity when shown in a web browser. The program will ensure that your information is fully formatted and look fine in a web browser. The right program will also help to ensure that your information is mobile-friendly, as many users look at web content not via a computer but a mobile device.

Publishing Automation Tools

Fourth, you want to look for ECM software that can provide you with publishing automation tools. You don't want to flood your website with new content all at once; you want to add content over time and regularly. With a publishing tool, you can schedule information so that new content is always being added to your website. That way, you can keep your website fresh and current without having to work on it every day literally.

When it comes to looking for an enterprise content management system with a web publishing priority, you will want to look for one that will help convert files to native web-format in full fidelity with automated publishing tools. The right option should make it easier and smoother for you to update your website with new information. Look for ECM software that works for your company.