Things To Stay Mindful Of When Choosing A Dust Collector Filter

2 December 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

If your worksite relies on a dust collector, then choosing a high-quality filter for it is key in it continuing to work efficiently. Choosing one of these specialty filters won't be something you question if you're aware of these things during your search.

Collection Efficiency

The purpose of a filter for a dust collector is to screen things like dirt and debris. How a filter can perform in this regard will vary a lot depending on several factors like filter quality, size, and special features.

So that you're completely satisfied with the dust collector filter that shows up at your work site, figure out just how efficient it can be on a daily basis. If the manufacturer that made the dust collector filter is reputable, they'll provide their efficiency ratings. That is key in finding something worth the money you're shelling out.

Temperature Range

A lot of filters for dust collectors are made from durable materials that can be around extreme environments, but even still, you want to look at the temperature range that it supports. If you get this factor wrong, then there is a good chance the filter could get hotter than it needs to be, which then presents a safety hazard for those around your work site.

Like efficiency ratings, you want to see exactly what temperature range the dust collector filter can handle according to the manufacturer. If you make sure the filter can handle the temperatures that your work environment will expose it to, then you won't have any worry about the filter possibly catching on fire. 

Installation Difficulty

You may find a high-quality filter for your dust collector that can work great, but if it's hard to install, you may not be able to even take advantage of it. For this reason, carefully examine the filter's installation early on in the search process.

How convenient is it to get the filter in the appropriate housing unit? You won't have that difficult of a time if you get a filter with one-piece construction. You can easily manipulate it into the correct position in the housing unit and take it out when it needs to be serviced or replaced.

Dust collectors can work great if the right filters are purchased for them. You'll find the right filter for this system with little hassle by taking the time to assess your filter needs and preferences. 

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