Prompt And Low Cost Final Arrangements That Include Cremation Services

15 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

You may not want to draw out your final arrangements after you pass away. You may see no reason for a lengthy and expensive funeral. You also may not want to inflict prolonged grief on your family. 

To ensure that your final arrangements remain succinct and affordable, you can choose to be cremated. The following advantages often appeal to people who choose cremation services for their funeral plans.


Cremation services are markedly more affordable than a full burial and traditional funeral. Services that include embalming, laying out, cosmetics, and the use of a platform and casket cost tens of thousands of dollars. The costs go even higher when you must purchase a burial plot, vault, and headstone.

Rather than paying out tens of thousands of dollars from your life insurance or estate, or even leaving the funeral bill to your family, you can opt for cremation services. Cremation often costs thousands of dollars less and significantly lowers the price of your final arrangements.

You can pay off your final arrangements in a matter of months if you pre-plan and spare your family this burden. Otherwise, you can have the smaller funeral bill covered by your life insurance or estate and leave more of it to divide among your survivors.

Faster Timeline

Further, it often only takes one or two days after you pass to have your remains cremated. If you want your final arrangements taken care of quickly, you can choose cremation services.

The funeral home in charge of your arrangements can typically get your cremains in one or two days after your passing. It can then hold your memorial service, if you choose to have one, in less than a week after you die.

If you choose not to have a memorial service, you can direct the funeral home to either scatter your ashes or give your ashes to a loved one to bury or scatter. You may not have to pay for an expensive urn if you choose for your ashes to be scattered or buried.

These are some advantages that go along with choosing cremation services rather than a full, traditional burial. You can have your final arrangements held in a faster manner, often within a week after you pass away.

You can also save your survivors money and plan out arrangements that cost thousands of dollars less. You can avoid expenses like buying a casket or vault.