Information On Proper Packing And Crating

25 August 2020
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Every effort should be made to ensure clients always receive their items. Industrial packing and crating must be done to a set of guidelines that ensures that items will be properly secured and protected so they make it to the clients in the same condition they were in when they left the warehouse. You can learn more about industrial packing and crating in the information below.

Use proven containerizing and bracing techniques

Using proven containerizing and bracing techniques to secure items is crucial. If anything is shipped while it isn't properly secured, then it can end up being damaged during transport and it can end up damaging other items. An improperly secured item can also cause injuries if it should move during transport, as well as when the items are being unloaded. 

Use protective materials to prevent problems like corrosion

Certain packing materials should be used in order to prevent other types of damage from happening. For example, certain items can end up corroding if they haven't been protected with materials such as vacuum-sealed bags that will keep out air as well as moisture. 

Know what some of the risks are

When packing and crating items for shipment, it's important to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the different potential risks the items may be subjected to. When you have a good understanding of some of the different things the items will need to be protected against, you will be able to recognize when you haven't properly protected them from something. 

Different temperatures — The items being shipped may go through regions with significantly different temperatures. They may be taken through freezing temperatures only to then end up being taken through triple-digit temperatures. Proper containerization can ensure the items won't be damaged due to exposure to temperatures that are too hot, too cold, or both. 

Ocean water — The items may need to be protected from ocean water. Ocean water is corrosive and this means it can quickly begin to damage certain items. Not only can ocean water cause corrosion issues when it comes into direct contact with the item, but the air can also contain enough of the ocean moisture to be a threat. This is a good example of why those vacuum-sealed mylar bags will be so important and the seals must be airtight. 

Movement — The items being shipped can go through a lot of movements including slight tipping and vibrations. No matter what, they need to be protected. This is where proper bracing and crating comes in to protect the items. Without proper packing and crating, things can be a disaster.

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