Don't Use The Wrong Ammo With Your Gun

3 August 2020
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A high-quality gun is not as helpful unless you have ammunition to go along with it. However, not every type of bullet is suitable for your gun. If you use the wrong type of ammo, you might damage your gun and put yourself and others in danger. Also, certain types of ammo simply cannot be fired by your weapon. 

The Caliber

You will need to choose a caliber that is compatible with your weapon. The caliber is the diameter of the bullet. Technically, the bullet is simply the projectile and the cartridge refers to the entire object. Some bullets are more well-suited for self-defense and others are more well-suited for hunting. For example, the 12 gauge is used in shotguns for hunting.

Full Metal Jacket

This type of bullet is mostly used for practice shooting and is completely encased in metal. It's popular because it is less expensive than other types of ammo.

Hollow Point Bullets

These types of bullets are more intended for self-defense. They are designed to shatter when they hit a target. Therefore, you don't have to worry as much about whether the bullet will penetrate the target and hit an innocent bystander.

Steel Case Ammo

Steel case ammo can potentially damage your gun because foreign manufacturers use powders that can contribute to your chamber fouling. Also, steel cases expand and contract in a manner that is different from brass or aluminum. This leads to the steel remaining in the chamber somewhat longer.

This is starker in high-pressure cartridges. This is a bigger problem when the chamber is dirty even when the cartridge is slightly tapered. The primary reason this type of ammo is used is that it is cheaper. However, it is more trouble than its worth. Very low-quality bullets can also cause your gun to explode.

P+ Bullets

A P+ bullet is one that is overpressured. This is designed to give the bullet a greater velocity and is often chosen by those concerned with self-defense. Regardless of whether you will use this bullet or any other type, it's essential to take your new gun to the shooting range and test the type of ammo you will be using.

The last thing you want is to not be confident with the type of ammo you are using. Also, if you're not sure which type of ammo you should use, there's no harm in asking the store you purchased your firearm from.

To learn more about guns and ammo types, reach out to a local gun store.