4 Tips For Teaching A Basic Batting Stance To A Youth Baseball Team

13 July 2020
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Are you getting ready to step into a coaching role for your child's youth baseball team but really aren't sure what the first steps should be? You can't go wrong by starting with batting practice. Here are some tips for teaching proper batting stance technique to kids that are just starting out, which they'll end up using for as long as they play baseball.

The Grip

You always want to start by teaching the proper grip on a bat, because it is a habit that is hard to break if it is done wrong from the start. The fists should form the same shape as if they are knocking on a door, with both firsts stacked on top of each other. This will allow the batter to have a firm grip on the bat during their swing while still being able to comfortably loosen the grip as well during the swing.

The Stance

The next step is to teach a good stance as the batter is standing over the plate and waiting for the ball to come at them. The batter's feet should be a little bit wider than the width of their shoulders, which allows them to firmly plant their feet for the swing.

The Load Position

As the batter gets ready to swing, they will want to get into the load position. This involves bringing the arms and shoulders back from the plate so that they can prepare for a big swing. The key is knowing how far the batter needs to bring their arms back so that it is an effective swing. The batter does not want to stretch their arm out all the way so that it is locked but should instead have their arm be slightly bent. The bat should also be behind the batter's shoulders in the load position. If the bat is still over the shoulders, it is not far back enough.

The Stride

The batter will take a small step forward as they go to swing known as the stride, which will open up their hips slightly. This will allow the batter to balance as they make contact with the ball by planting that front foot into the ground during the swing. It will help to get the batters accustomed to this motion by going from the grip to the stride without actually taking a swing. Once they have the first four steps of the stance down, you can start incorporating swinging. 

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