Festive And Secure Packing For Holiday Ornaments

16 June 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Ornaments that are hand-crafted may be the newest additions to your holiday store's inventory, but shipping glass balls that contain intricate paintings and beadwork can be disastrous if you do not have the items packed securely. One fun and secure way to store the homemade creations while they are in transit is by investing in some mailing shipping tubes and using packing materials and decorative features to prepare each shipment.

Less Waste And Little Or No Movement

If you have previously ordered small items from retailers and were discouraged by the manner in which the purchases moved around in the boxes that they came in, you may have been curious as to why a smaller carton or tube wasn't used instead. Some companies use uniform packaging, which often includes corrugated cartons.

Mailing shipping tubes are narrow in diameter and often are constructed of corrugated materials, but due to the small size of the packaging, products won't shift when they are in transit. A tube will result in less material waste, and it may cost less to ship a series of tubes than a bunch of large cartons. 

Colorful Tubes And Decorative Features

Order shipping tubes that contain green, silver, red, or gold foil exteriors. These colors are symbolic of the holidays and what your retail shop stands for. Packing peanuts or bubble wrap should be used to create a cushioned layer between each ornament that is being shipped. When deciding on the right shipping materials for your needs, measure the diameter of each ornament style and decide how many items you would like to ship in each package.

If you are selling a series of ornaments that are part of a set, then use the number of ornaments that are included with each set when deciding how long and wide you will need each shipping tube to be. Take into account that you will need to increase the tube length a little to accommodate the layers of paper or bubble wrap that will be in between each ornament. Tubes that contain one or two end caps will allow a customer to easily open each package without needing to cut into the packaging and possibly damaging one or more ornaments.

Use a striped ribbon to decorate the outside of each tube. The ribbon can be used to create a bow that can be displayed on either end of each container. Foil stickers or festive mailers that have self-adhesive backing on them can be used to secure a packing list to each package.