3 Reasons To Consider CBD For Your Pet

24 April 2020
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CBD is a popular natural treatment for many ailments in humans, but some people do not realize these benefits may extend to their pets. There are several reasons you should consider trying CBD products for your pet.

Reduce Arthritis Pain

As pets grow older, they can develop osteoarthritis much like humans. Not only is the condition painful, but arthritis can affect your pet in other ways. Your pet may be less likely to jump up to reach their favorite spot and they may not be as playful as they once were. Another concern with arthritis is weight gain associated with pain and decreases in activity, which also contributes to more problems with arthritis. Some people find their pets with arthritis seem more comfortable after taking CBD regularly. They can climb on the bed without seeming to experience discomfort and may engage in play more.

Ease Anxiety

Anxiety can be a common problem for pets. Some pets experience significant separation anxiety, which can be difficult for pet-owners who must leave the house each day for work or other obligations. Anxiety can also be a new symptom because of a change in environment, such as bringing a new pet into the household or changing residences. Travel is also anxiety-provoking for some animals, with some experiencing car sickness.

CBD can be used as a daily management strategy for pets that experience ongoing anxiety issues. Pets that experience separation anxiety when their owner leaves might be more likely to sleep during the separation instead of pacing around the home and whining. In other situations, you might use CBD occasionally when your pet needs to ride in the car. Since CBD also has anti-nausea properties, it can reduce car sickness.

Help With Aging

CBD can also be used to promote overall wellness in pets, especially as they age. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits, it may reduce some of the health risks pets have as they grow older, such as those associated with heart disease. CBD is believed to have some anti-cancer benefits, making it ideal to incorporate into your pet's lifestyle since the risk of cancer can increase as pets age. Other issues that may arise in older pets are the increased risk of seizures. For pets with seizure disorders, taking CBD may reduce the frequency and duration of seizures.

In many cases, CBD can be added to other treatments for your pet with fewer risks of drug interactions or side effects. CBD provides a natural and well-tolerated option for a wide range of medical issues your pet may face. You can choose a flavored or unflavored CBD pet tincture depending on your pet's preferences.