What Should You Expect From Your Lumber Supplier For Your Fencing Company?

13 December 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

You require large loads of lumber for your inventory so that you always have the lumber you need for your fencing and other outdoor projects, but you don't supply the lumber on your own. You may get your lumber from a supplier, which works best for you both in the short term and for the long run. If you haven't dedicated yourself to a certain supplier exclusively, it can actually cost you more money in the long run.

When you dedicate your business to just a certain lumber company, you can end up with discounts to help you improve your business and give you a great return on your investment. The right supplier will work hard to make you a satisfied customer, especially if you are repeat buyer of sorts. Whether you plan on changing to a new lumber supplier or you are trying to decide which one to dedicate your services to on a more permanent basis, here is a guide that will assist you in making your final decision. Here are things you should expect from your lumber supplier.

Bulk or customer loyalty discounting

The lumber supplier you choose in the long run will be one that encourages healthy buying practices by giving you a discount either on the number of purchases you make in a certain time frame or by rewarding you for making a large bulk order at once. Sit down with a lumber representative and talk numbers so that you can see who is going to give you the best overall deal for your business. As a fencing contractor, you should also be able to discuss contractor or builder discounts, which will also help aide you in your final decision.

Variety of supplies in constant inventory

A lumber yard should have a wide variety of lumber and other wood accessories and items in their stock yard, but some suppliers specialize in more domestic woods while others carry more harder-to-locate exotics. Or, a lumber supplier may carry a popular species of wood that they constantly keep in stock, which can help you stay on track with your projects. However you look at it, you need to make sure you choose the best lumber supplier for your inventory needs so you have constant access to the tools and supplies you use the most and you don't have to worry about waiting for inventory to get shipped in.

You can review any lumber supplier to see if they will meet your long-term needs. Your lumber supplier should be able to work well for you for as long as you continue to use their services.