How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Applying For New Jobs

30 April 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Looking for a new job is always a challenge. With so many applications and interviews to deal with, it can be overwhelming. Working with an employment agency can save you a lot of that struggle, but job hunting is still not without challenges. Understanding how to keep your resume from ending up at the bottom of the pile starts with some detail steps. Here are a few things to keep in mind even when you're working with an employment agency to find work.

Read Carefully

If you don't pay attention to the application when you're filling it out, you could inadvertently read even simple things incorrectly. While it might not seem like a big deal to misread "country" as "county," those types of mistakes can reflect poorly on your attention to detail. This can be the single factor that disqualifies you as a candidate.

Always Proofread

Especially with so many applications going digital, it's easy to overlook the proofreading steps when you're typing in your responses. However, submitting an application that has any typos can easily get that application pushed to the back of the pile or dismissed. After all, it shows a lack of attention to detail, which is often a key element that business owners are looking for in employees.

Finish The Entire Process

A common mistake that people make when filling out a job application is thinking that the application itself is all that's needed. However, many companies have you fill out a personality assessment or other type of questionnaire afterward. If you close it out after submitting the application and you don't complete the remaining assessments, you'll automatically disqualify yourself from the position.

Be Attentive With Handwritten Applications

While not many places still require that applications be filled out by hand, there are some. When filling out an application that way, make sure that you are attentive to your handwriting. If the hiring manager cannot read what you've written, you're not likely to get the job or even the interview.

Make Sure Your Reference Information Is Correct

Most every application requires that you list some references. You'll have to provide names, phone numbers, and sometimes addresses. Your prospective employer will typically contact those references, and if they cannot reach them, that can disqualify you from consideration. Make sure that you have the most recent and accurate information for all of your references when you fill out the application.