Need A Home Makeover But Not Sure What You Want? How An Interior Designer Can Help

29 March 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you love changing the look of your home, but you have run out of ideas as to what to do next, consider hiring an interior designer. Residential interior design services have a lot of different ideas, and the designers know all kinds of styles and trends for decorating your home. Here is how a designer can help you overhaul the inside of your home now. 


If your furniture is a little ragged or outdated, the designer can find new furniture for you. The furniture is often the centerpiece of any room (with the exception of most bathrooms, of course). When your furniture is new, attractive, and inviting to guests, you will find that the room in which this furniture sits to be a comforting and pleasant space for you and everyone else. 

Wall Enhancements 

Paint, wainscoting, wallpaper, borders—all of these can change the way your walls look. Depending on the look your designer is going for, you may have one or more of these applied to any room in your home that you are trying to make over. Some room designs even have wainscoting, fresh paint, and a wallpaper border at the top of the walls, which definitely change the look of a room. 

Wall Decorations

Wall decorations take bland, boring walls and give you something to look at. Maybe you have framed art or photographs. Maybe your designer will suggest a full mural or vinyl wall adhesives that you can remove with rubbing alcohol at a later date when you do not want them anymore. Shelving, statues, figurines, clocks, etc., may also be used to decorate the walls. A lot of homeowners that hire an interior designer love the fact that designers have so many different decorative ideas for walls. Your designer can show you all of the possibilities for enhancing your walls. 


Lighting really highlights all of the changes you make to a room. The fixtures are also quite decorative, so you can choose from thousands of decorative ceiling fans, globes, chandeliers, etc. to hang from the ceiling. If you would rather, or if there are no ceiling lights in a particular room, your designer will find either table or floor lamps that are exciting, fun, and attractive. You can research and review lighting ideas online and then run them by your designer to see what he or she thinks of the lighting items you found.