Teen Party? Plan An Escape Room Party

3 October 2018
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Planning birthday parties for teenagers is hard. Teens are hard to please and don't want to be embarrassed by parties that are too childlike in their execution. This isn't stopping you from wanting to plan a fun and engaging party where your teenager can celebrate a milestone in a safe and wholesome manner.

You've been going through themes for birthday parties, but nothing stands out. What about planning an escape room party for your teen and their friends? Learn what an escape room is and how this type of bash can be both memorable and appropriate for your teenager.

What an escape room is

An escape room is an adventure course of sorts where individuals are trapped in a space and either have to figure out clues to get out or engage in particular teamwork activities to escape. No one is truly trapped — guests can get out if they really want to — but the end result is a thrilling and challenging experience that gets the adrenaline pumping and forces a person to think outside the box.

You can theme an escape room in several ways: for an older teenager and their friends, an escape room that has fright involved may be more fun. Younger or more timid teens may appreciate an escape room theme that is more about intellectual challenges.

Why an escape room?

An escape room theme is a unique idea for a teen party. Your teen likely has many friends they want to entertain and this type of party keeps everyone on their toes. Lots of laughter, some anticipation, and even a bit of entertaining fear make the experience engaging for everyone. If you have many people in your teenager's party, your party may have to visit the escape room in groups or you can have more than one escape room going at once.

How to plan an escape room party

To plan an escape room party, call a party planning specialist to see if there are entertainment companies in your area that feature escape rooms and other theme parties — such as scavenger hunts or geocaching — for their clients. You can select the type of escape room you want to have with a party planning specialist so your teen has a great time and has a party they won't forget. Sometimes food and beverages are included in the activities, so ask before you book the party to find out for sure what you can bring to the festivities.  

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