Three Best Things About Renting Tables For Any Event

31 March 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Table rentals may sound, well, kind of cheap. Yet, they are the best thing next to sliced Swiss cheese, really. If you rethink your own thoughts on rented tables, you may come to the conclusion that they are quite an excellent solution to a number of party problems. If you need further convincing, here are three of the best things about renting tables that just might change your attitude and your mind about these tables.

1.Unexpected Guests Are Not Really a Problem

The whole point of requesting that guests "RSVP" is so that you know exactly what kind of seating you will need and how much seating you need for your party. Sadly, not too many people pay attention to that anymore; they just show up. That tends to complicate your situation. Yet, wait! You rented a stack of tables, which often comes with extra tables in case something goes wrong with one of the tables you set up! Ta-da! You can use the extra tables to accommodate guests that show up unexpectedly. Now, hopefully, you have extra food...

2. Short of Painting the Tables, You Can Decorate Them Anyway You Want

Are rented tables plain and boring? Yes, but guess what? They do not have to be! Rented tables are exceedingly plain intentionally so that you can decorate them any way you want. The only exception to this rule is painting the tables since most paint does not come off the plastic tops. So, rent the tables, tulle them up, stick streamers or balloons on them, tablecloth them in any creative way possible, and you will have very pretty tables for your event after all.

3. Set-up and Take-Down Are Two Snaps

The set-up is a snap with rented tables. Take-down is another snap. More to the point, expanding and setting up the two legs on every table is two snaps. No matter how you look at it, these tables quickly and easily provide a barrage of tables to fit any amount of space. Can you imagine trying to move every table you and relatives own out of your houses and onto the lawn to get the same set-up complete in the same short amount of time? It would be utterly impossible and an incredibly laborious task, not to mention a complete lack of uniform appearance. No, the rented tables are faster, easier, less expensive, and they provide a very uniform appearance for your party setting.