Have Bottled Spring Water Delivered To Your Office To Keep Your Clients And Staff Hydrated

22 October 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

No matter what kind of business you have, you need to supply your employees and clients with drinking water. Your choices are to make them use a faucet in the break room, have a water fountain installed, stock up on office water bottles, or get a water cooler. Of all the solutions, using bottled water is a great choice, especially when you buy the large jugs and place them on a water cooler. Here's why this is a good idea for your office building.

A Water Cooler Can Go Anywhere

You can place water coolers anywhere in your building since you don't have to connect them to plumbing. You can install one in an employee lounge or a client waiting area. This ensures everyone will have access to water when they need it, and they won't have to stray very far from their workstations to get a drink.

You Can Have Spring Water Delivered

A great thing about using bottled water in your office is that you don't have to worry about buying the water and lugging it to the building. You can sign up with a water delivery service that keeps your office supplied with all the water you need. The service can also rent a water cooler to you if you don't want to buy your own. In addition, the service can supply other things you need for your break room including drinking cups for the cooler, instant coffee, and maybe even individual packaged snacks.

You Can Have Hot Water Too

Some water coolers have two outlets. One is for cool water and the other is for hot water. This makes it convenient for your employees to make instant coffee, hot chocolate, and instant soups. You can even set up a small snack station in the client waiting area where the clients can make their own coffee from the water dispenser. This saves you from the trouble of keeping a pot of coffee going and tending to it all day.

Your Employees Will Appreciate Clean Drinking Water

Many people don't drink water from the tap or from a water fountain that is hooked into the plumbing of a building because of the fear of drinking contaminated water. Even if it isn't contaminated, municipal water often has a bad odor or taste. Spring water is odor free and tastes great because it is usually filtered before it is bottled. Water that comes from the tap flows a long way through old and possibly rusting and corroded pipes before it comes out of a faucet. That gives it plenty of time to pick up additional contaminants that affect the taste.

If you're not sure you like the idea of installing water dispensers in your office, then stocking up on smaller bottles of water is the next best thing. You can buy small bottles and leave them in the waiting room for clients and buy gallon bottles for your employees to use for making coffee in the break room. Whether you want bottles of water or big jugs for a cooler, a water delivery service can bring spring water right to your office on a regular schedule for your convenience and comfort of your employees and clients.