Rely On A Medical Staffing Service If You Run A Small Clinic

20 September 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Large hospitals and health organizations have entire teams dedicated to staffing, but this isn't a luxury that you'll have if you run a small medical clinic. Perhaps you're a physician who has teamed up with another physician to provide healthcare to your community in a building that you've just bought and are in the midst of converting to a clinic. Before you can open the doors, you'll need nurses, administrative staff, and other medical professionals — even if the clinic will be small and your staff will also be small. It can be advantageous to contact a medical staffing agency to help with the hiring process. Here's why this approach is beneficial:

You'll Get Better Candidates

When you contact a medical staffing agency to look for certain medical professionals, the agency will suggest its best candidates who meet the job descriptions for your open positions. This means that the people you'll be interviewing will ideally be of a higher caliber than those who may submit applications if you were to simply post the jobs publicly. The medical staffing service wants to create a strong working relationship with you for the future, and one way that it will seek to achieve this goal is to line you up with the best candidates.

You'll Get Candidates Faster

When you're in the midst of running your own small medical clinic, time will always be at a premium. This means that you're likely looking for ways to streamline each of the tasks that you need to complete. If you were to post jobs publicly, you'd likely need to spend considerable time going through applications, and then begin contacting candidates to set up interviews. When you deal with a medical staffing service, the service will suggest candidates for you and quickly work out interview schedules — which will help you hire the people you need quicker.

You Can Set Up Short And Long-Term Work

Sometimes, you'll want to hire someone for contract work, rather than on an indefinite basis. Medical professionals who have staffing agencies represent them will often be familiar with contract work, which means that the agency can connect you with people who are available to work for three months, six months, or whatever amount of time you need. When you post your job openings publicly and specify that you need contracts filled, you may not have as many candidates, given that lots of job seekers want long-term employment.

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