Moving Trucks 101: 3 Essential Tips For Anyone Renting

15 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

A moving truck rental can be a cost effective tool when it comes to moving. Whether you are relocating down the block or across the country, a moving truck can help you transport your items safely. Unfortunately, renting a moving truck isn't always simple. There are many factors you'll need to consider to ensure you choose the right truck for you.

So what tips should you keep in mind when looking at moving truck rentals? Here are three.

1. Ensure You Can Drive It

This might sound like a very basic tip, but it is very important. Oftentimes, people will rent the biggest truck available. However, larger trucks are often more difficult to drive and maneuver. So if you can pack all of your items in a smaller truck, consider renting that one. It will be much easier – and maybe even safer – to rent a smaller moving truck.

If you need a large truck, consider test driving it until you feel confident you can drive it. Take it to a parking lot and drive it. Practice turning, stopping, and getting into (and out of) parking spots. This will ensure that you have confidence when it comes time to actually drive it all loaded up.

2. Get Insurance

It's also a good idea to purchase some insurance for your trip. While you might think your regular insurance will cover you, it usually doesn't. Luckily, most places that offer moving truck rentals also offer insurance. So familiarize yourself with the plans available and purchase one. This insurance will help protect you, the vehicle, and your belongings for the duration of the trip.

3. Consider Extra Expenses

Finally, it's important to realize that you may incur additional expenses. The quote you receive for the rental truck usually only covers the cost of the actual rental. So you may need to pay for extras. Things such as lifts, carts, and protective pads will all cost more.

In addition, you may need to pay for additional miles. Most moving truck rentals come with a set amount of miles. If you go over the miles, you'll usually be charged a fee per mile. This can get quite expensive, so make sure you know exactly what you'll be charged for each mile over and budget for it.

A moving truck is a handy tool for both homeowners and business owners. To ensure you have the best possible experience (and the right budget) keep these three tips in mind. As always, if you have additional questions be sure to ask the rental company or visit these guys.