3 Types Of Portable Toilets

30 June 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

No major event would be complete without restroom facilities. Events that are held outdoors may not have access to a functional restroom. Organizers will need to bring in special toilets just for the event.

Portable toilets come in three major types: chemical, main-connected, and composting. Learn more about these unique portable restroom options so that you can select the right portable toilet blocks to invest in for your upcoming event.

1. Chemical

A chemical toilet is what most people are familiar with, and what is commonly associated with a portable toilet. These models rely on chemicals to help process waste. No water supply is needed. The chemicals re-circulate throughout the system to help keep the unit sanitary.

You can opt for a self-servicing chemical toilet or a model that needs to be professionally drained. Self-service models are ideal in situations where events will last for a few days since these portable toilets are capable of holding more waste than their counterparts.

2. Main-Connected

When your event calls for something a little classier than the traditional portable toilet, you may want to invest in a main-connected toilet. They closely resemble a chemical toilet, but they can be connected to a main sewer and water line. This allows the main-connected toilet to function in the same way as a residential or commercial toilet would.

A main-connected toilet unit usually comes equipped with a sink that features hot and cold water faucets for maximum sanitation. You can purchase single main-connected units, or larger portable restroom trailers to help meet your restroom needs.

3. Composting

A composting toilet is the most environmentally friendly of the three portable toilet types. No chemicals or water is required to process waste in a composting toilet. Instead, the waste is broken down through a dry aerobic process into compost that can be used to enrich the soil.

A composting toilet makes a great option for events where the focus is on environmental awareness and resource preservation. Composting toilets can also be used in remote locations with ease since they do not need to be flushed or serviced on a regular basis to perform properly.

Choosing the right portable restrooms can make or break your event. You want attendees to be comfortable, but you want to minimize the amount of work required to care for portable restroom facilities. Weigh your options carefully, then invest in the toilet type that makes the most sense for your event.