Three Ways To Check For Waste Via Managed Print Service

11 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Managing services at your company should be about efficiency. In an office, it is difficult to constantly keep an eye on every system, especially when the office remains busy. If you are concerned about the ways that your office may be wasting, you should get a walk through of all of your systems. An analyst can often tell you how much waste is happening in your office via electricity, unused productivity, and more. If you are interested in figuring out the waste in your printing services, you may find that you are shelling out thousands of dollars per year that you could be saving. Here are three things to check for when you are looking at print waste at your job. 

How many papers are double sided?

Unless it is strategically impossible, your workforce should be printing on both sides of the paper. Double sided printing can save hundreds of pages of paper per week. Printed files, projects, distributed paperwork, and even brochures should be printed on both sides of the paper for maximum savings. If your machines do not produce double sided prints, it is time to invest in brand new printing machines. 

Is the font feasible for savings?

There is a lot that goes into selecting a font if you produce printed paper for distribution. Some fonts are bolder than others, which means that they use more ink in order to print. In knowing this, you should select a common font for all non-creative materials that is thin in its size. This will save ink and fit more words onto one sheet of paper. If you produce client materials that must use bold type fonts, you should decrease the font size, if possible. The shorter font will still decrease the ink output while retaining the same creative value. 

Do you know how much paper is used?

Knowing how much paper your employees are using is nearly impossible unless you install a system that can keep count. One creative way that you can keep count is by installing a paper vending machine. The paper vending machine will give you an accurate accounting of what paper is taken out and by whom. If each employee is given a specific code to use in the vending machine, you know what departments are using what amounts of paper. A vending machine that provides you with direct numbers will make printing management easier and budgets to save money more accurate for your company.