Cracked, Grey And Out Of Style: 4 Trendy Makeovers For Concrete Finishes Around The Home

7 August 2017
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When concrete gets old it cracks, flakes, and has a well-worn look to it. The concrete needs repairs and you want it to look more attractive than the old grey finish. Today, there are many options for giving your old concrete surfaces a new look. Here are a few options to consider giving out-of-style concrete finishes a custom look when you have repairs done:

1. Using Acid Staining to Give Concrete a Custom Finish Anywhere

Acid staining is a special type of concrete finishing technique that is used to give concrete surfaces color. The acid staining technique is a great solution for affordable flooring in areas of your home with concrete slab, such as in a basement, garage or unfinished area with a slab foundation. Staining methods can be used to simulate the look of many different flooring materials, such as wood, stone and custom tile. If there are cracks in the concrete, they can be filled and masked with an acid stain finish that looks like stone materials.

2. Flaking Repair with A Concrete Overlay Repair and Attractive Custom Finish

Concrete that is exposed to excessive acid rain or chemicals can wear quickly. Eventually, the surface of the concrete will begin to flake. The flaking is often worse with poor concrete mixtures. When the surface of the concrete begins to flake, it will need to be repaired and refinished. One way to refinish the surface of flaking concrete is to have an overlay concrete finish applied. Overlay concrete finishes are ideal for outdoor surfaces and simulating the look of natural stone materials.

3. Epoxy Coatings for A Durable, Easy to Clean Finish on Concrete Surfaces

Another type of durable concrete finishing technique that can be used inside and outside of your home is epoxy coatings. This type of finish is more like a protective coating that is applied to the concrete. The repairs need to be done to the concrete before an epoxy finish can be applied. Epoxy finishes are great for areas of your home that are subject to messes, such as in a garage, basement game room or play area and entrances. There are many colors and textures that can be used with the new epoxy floor finish.

4. Using Brick Panels To Cover Aged Concrete With A New Finish

Brick panels are another good option to consider to renovate old worn brick. You can use these panels as a veneer for walls and other areas that have severe damage. The veneer thin brick panels are not ideal for floors, but there are brick paver panels that can be used to renovate floors that have damage and need a new finish. Companies like The Best Panel Company can help you find the right option for you.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider giving old concrete finishes a new look. Contact a vendor of thin brick panels and other concrete and masonry products to help with repairs and some of these improvements when you have old damaged concrete repaired.